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AWM Proxy Review – Affordable Proxies for Micro Tasks

AWM Proxy Review – Affordable Proxies for Micro Tasks

The internet is becoming more and more heavily monitored. Whenever you visit an online resource directly – say a sneaker website – your web request transmits data. This information can include data about where you live, what browser or device type you are using, your IP address, browser fingerprints, and more.

Naturally, you will not be happy that someone has access to this information.  As such, most internet users are continuously looking out for ways to help them retain their privacy. And the use of proxy servers is one of the best options you can use to protect your identity while browsing.

But what are these proxy servers? Well, a proxy server is an intermediary server that acts as the middleman between your computer and any website or internet address that you want to visit. So, when you connect to a proxy server your web browsing sessions are routed through the proxy before going to the address or website requested —  meaning that you never connect directly with any of the sites you visit.

But proxies do not come cheap. However, one company that is quickly gaining in popularity in the proxy services industry is AWM Proxy. Founded in 2016, the Russian company is laser-focused on providing small-time data scrapers with cheap paid proxies as well as free proxies for those who need them for simple tasks.

While the company advertises its proxies as “elite private proxies,” it’s important to note that their proxies are not real private proxies. Instead, they offer shared proxies – which explains their low price tariffs. Pricing aside, AWM Proxy claims to have a proxy pool of over 350K IPs in their database spread in many locations around the world which is more than what its budget-driven counterpart, Storm Proxies, offers.

In this review, you will learn about AWM Proxy – what they offer, their pricing, features, performance, and customer service. So, buckle up and read on to find out more.

AWM Proxy Types

1. Elite private proxies

As aforementioned, AWM Proxy only offers private proxies that the company defines as Elite Proxies. This means that they offer fast, stable, and reliable proxies with absolute high anonymity levels. When using an elite proxy server, the connection is masked such that the website or internet user you are connecting with has no knowledge of your original IP address.

While most proxy providers will more often than not label their residential proxies as “premium” or “elite,” these terms can also be applied to describe datacenter proxies. That said, AWM Proxy does not exactly state whether their proxies are residential or datacenter proxies on their website.

As per our research and findings, as well as a sneak-peek into the way AWM Proxy operates, it’s likely that the company offers residential proxies. This explains why their proxies are quite effective in a vast number of use cases that include SEO monitoring, data aggregation, social media management, web scraping, and more.

2. Free public proxies

Away from the private elite proxies, AWM also offers Free Proxies. Also known as public proxies, these proxies do not require any authentication and are absolutely free to use. However, unlike the private elite proxies, the free proxies lack quality, and the possibility of being banned is high because of the high number of users.

The proxies also lack crucial capabilities such as SSH posting, FTP posting, and more – meaning that they are not ideal for real tasks. And given that they are shared, you should not expect to get great performance.

AWM Plans and Pricing

AWM Proxy offers multiple plans for their elite proxies depending on your goals and needs. Currently, the company offers 6 packages or rates as the company refers them.

They include the following: One-Day (for quality assessment), Basic, Standard, VIP, Google & Instagram, and Mailing – with the most regular one being the Basic, Standard, and the VIP plans.

  • One-Day This plan provides you with the option to investigate AWM’s Proxy service quality before committing to purchase any of their expensive plans. The plan allows you to test any of their plans (except Basic) within a day You can think of it as a paid trial.

This plan gives you up to 20,000 private IPs and 4,000 concurrent connections. The plan does not have a fixed price, and it depends only on the quantity of proxy chosen by you. For instance, to test the Standard plan for a day you’ll need to pay $30 while the VIP plan will cost you $50.

  • Basic – This is the most basic plan from AWM Proxy. Suitable for regular small-time data scrapers that do not need so many proxies for various use cases. This plan comes with 12000 proxies and allows you up to 350 concurrent connections. You can choose 14 days for $130, 30 days for $190, or 90 days for $480.
  • Standard –  Offers up to 2000 concurrent connections in a proxy pool of over 20,000 proxies. The Standard plan is a perfect choice for popular web scraping use cases such as social media management, SEO monitoring, ad verification, website testing and more.

And unlike the basic plan, you can choose to commit to a 30-day, 90-day, or 180-day payment cycle. For the 30-day cycle, you’ll need to pay $390 while with the 90-day cycle you’ll pay $990. The 180-day cycle will cost you $1,870.

  • VIP – Unlike the standard, the VIP plan is a little revved-up. As you’d expect from a VIP plan, this service gives you access to a proxy pool of over 200,000 IPs and you can make up to 4,000 concurrent connections.

For a 30-day payment cycle, you’ll have to part with $690 and $1750 for 90 days.

  • Google and Instagram – Aside from the regular tariffs, AWM Proxy also offers special Google and Instagram proxy plan to delimit the number of requests sent to Instagram and Google when using the regular tariffs that is capped at 100K requests or 1GB bandwidth.

With this special plan, AWM allows you to make 4,000 concurrent connections and access a proxy pool of 200,000 IPs. However, these proxies are not cheaply priced. For a 30-day payment cycle, you’ll have to pay $900 while a 90-day cycle will cost you $2,295. You can also choose a 6-month plan for $4,295

  • Mailing – AWM Proxy also offers the Mailing proxy plan for users who are constantly engaged in mailing. Priced at $1,850 for 30 days and $4,695 for $90 days, this specialized proxy plan gives you access to over 200K IPs and allows you to make up to 4,000 simultaneous connections.

Keep in mind, that here is a nice bonus from the company: the longer is the subscription of the rate, the more discount you get. Starting from 90 days, you can get from 15% to 25% off the price.

AWM Proxy Features

AWM Proxy, as with any other proxy service, provides a set of features to its users that they may want to know about. Some of these features are listed below.

Elite proxies that operate in stealth mode

All AWM Proxy proxies are elite. This means that these connections do not reveal themselves as proxies through headers or other types of connection signatures, which makes them offer complete anonymity making you appear as a unique user. They are also fast and stable.

A wide array of proxies

AWM offers various proxy plans for various use cases. You can find proxies for Google & Instagram, Mailing proxies as well as universal proxies. Also, there is no need to waste time looking for proxy servers, because the service has already done that work for you: at each rate, you will find an overview of which proxies are best suited to your needs.

Wide pool of elite proxies spread around the world

With over 350K proxies in roughly 200 countries around the world, AWM has a comparatively huge proxy network. Huge than what Storm Proxies offers. You can view a list of supported countries and how many proxies from each country are available from their dedicated page.

Support for multiple protocols

Being under prying eyes is every internet user’s worst nightmare. However, it will delight you to know that all of AWM Proxy proxies are IPv4 and support HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS4/5 protocols.

Access to free public proxies

They offer a free proxy service for personal use and to those that cannot afford one. These free public proxies are scraped from the Internet and assessed in-house.

All proxies are owned by AWM

AWM owns all the proxies it provides. This means that only the company’s customers have access to its proxy servers. Important to note is that the list of IP addresses is updated constantly to ensure that each IP you get is unique. New IPs are issued every 15 minutes to replace the three percent that gets reclaimed.

Special offers

AWM Proxy offers special offers. For instance, if you opt to subscribe for three months or more, the rates offered will be discounted. For example, when you purchase proxies for Google and Instagram you’ll get a 15% discount on the 30-day subscription. If it’s 180 days or more, then there are increased discounts at 20%.

AWM Proxy Speed and Reliability

Aside from privacy, the speed and latency of your proxy server play a huge role in how you experience these services. Lower bandwidth and higher latency mean that fewer data can flow through the proxy node, which will take more time to send packets.

Given a choice, you would want a faster and more responsive proxy server with lower latency. However, with AWM Proxy proxies being residential, it would be hard to obtain datacenter speeds with their proxies.

To test their byline which claims that they are “the fastest anonymous proxies,” we decided to test the speed of their proxies using the tool to ascertain the sincerity of their words. From our results, the results weren’t what we expected.

All ping tests got over 290ms and the speeds never got over 2.5Mbps for both download and upload. Not so impressive but worth the price. In fact, all the proxies we tested were able to access our test sites with ease – a possible assertion that their proxies could really be elite proxies.

All factors considered, we had no problem using AWM Proxy proxies.

AWM Customer Support

When shopping for a cheap and reliable proxy service provider, one very crucial factor that you need to consider is customer service. Besides you never know when things will go wrong when it comes to technology.

That said, customer support is one area that AWM Proxy that needs to up its game. For one, the FAQ section has a decent amount of information.

Also, the customer support channels are quite limited in our opinion. For one, they do not offer live chat or email, however, you can send a ticket, chat them via Telegram, or call them via Skype. With some of these channels, it’s not certain to know when they’ll get back to you.

You can also opt for phone support, but it’s not clear whether they offer this service in English.


Proxy servers are becoming the go-to security measure for internet users who want to scrape data off the internet safely and anonymously.

But, what can we say about AWM Proxy? Well, there are a few positive things we can say. For one, their proxy plans are within the market range. They also offer free proxies for everyone who cannot afford their services.

What’s more, they have a comparatively large pool of proxies, and their speeds, though not impressive will get the job done. What we didn’t like are the provider’s outdated website and below-par support.

While we don’t endorse AWM Proxy for a lot of things, it is still not the worst proxy provider we have reviewed. That said, AWM Proxy may be a good choice for users who want to get nice proxies for different tasks.

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