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Why You Should Rent and Use Datacenter Proxies

Why You Should Rent and Use Datacenter Proxies

Data centers are great building complexes that store servers for a single company or many clients. To take care of such important hardware, centers have proper humidity and temperature control, as well as the necessary security tools. Large companies have their own data centers, while the smaller ones and private individuals rent data center IPs for an affordable price.

Data servers have many useful applications. Today we will discuss the ways to protect your privacy with data center servers. However, if you are interested in large-scale automation of internet tasks, we advise choosing a rotating proxy. Check out Smartproxy – a well-respected provider, to learn why rotating proxies are the best.

Still, if your goal is to save money and protect your identity for individual activities, here we present how an IP address at a data center can help you.

Using a Private VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) allow us to encrypt and protect data on a public network. When a secure channel connects a computer and the network, an IP address gets masked by an intermediary server. The encrypted tunnels do a good job at covering transmitted data packets. They are necessary for performing sensitive tasks on a public network.

The most common reasons to use a VPN are hiding online identity and establishing a safe connection between an employee and a company network for safer data transmission.

VPNs from popular providers offer a neat and convenient user experience. With many functions in a comfortable user interface, you can connect to various servers in locations around the world. Unlike rotating proxies, VPNs direct all of your traffic through the secure channel, which makes them safer and more reliable for a few tasks.

But no matter how useful VPN services might be, some providers charge high prices that may seem irrational for new users for an untested service. Some find and use free VPNs, but if you really care about better protection and anonymity, avoid free VPNs. Even if you manage to save some money, you’ll only hurt your privacy by exposing all data to potential hackers.

Creating Your Own VPN

However, with free and open-source software you can learn to create your private VPN in less than a day. Data centers that rent Virtual Private Servers (VPS) create perfect circumstances for such a setup.

Setting it up may require some stubbornness to acquire proficiency. Be patient – a cheaper, private VPN that you create yourself will be much more rewarding. The knowledge you pick up along the way will be worth it.

Once you get an IP address from your data center, connect to it through your SSH client. Once you’re in, install the OpenVPN Server Access package via the terminal. If you follow the necessary installation steps, you will establish a connection with your private VPN in no time!

Using Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are independent of your internet connection or your internet service provider. With multiple IPs, it is easy for you to change them with this type of proxy and as they are not owned by any ISP and therefore not assigned to anyone.

Proxies and VPNs might seem similar, but they have a few key differences. Advanced, rotating proxies from popular providers have many additional functionalities that make botting and automation much easier.

Datacenter IPs are too unreliable for these operations. Even if you buy a lot of addresses, there is no way to know which ones might be banned or your targeted websites. Proxy providers offer the best residential, rotating proxies to companies that need a big IP pool. Renting is not cheap, and ordinary, curious people may have a hard time finding an affordable deal for beginners.

Thankfully, renting out datacenter addresses can help you build your own proxies. With their cheap hosting, you can get as many as you need for your task.

Once you finally buy your desired proxies, make sure to choose the most convenient location. Sure, any proxy will hide your IP, but choosing addresses from specific countries will help you bypass geo-blocking and even benefit from it. Datacenter proxy in the US will let them stream stuff as if they were in the US. But stay aware: this will not protect you from piracy and copyright infringement notices.


Although you can rent all of these services from reliable providers, setting up beginner proxies and VPNs yourself is far more rewarding. Understanding the basics of hardware and networks will make your future work IT fulfilling and exciting. You learn new things and save money because you don’t pay for a VPN company’s advertising and marketing, design, and other stuff you should not care about. A deeper understanding of proxies will help you find the best residential rotating proxies for large-scale future projects. With a data center IP address and an eager mind, curiosity will lead you to future technical proficiency.

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