Economy Linux Hosting with cPanel: Top 10 Most Reliable Services

Building a website is now easier and cheaper than ever before thanks to the myriad of affordable hosting solutions and website builders available on the market. However, managing your hosting account and any websites attached to it can be a bit of a hassle if…


7 Best Linux Distros for Chromebook and Other Chrome OS Devices

Chromebooks strike a good balance between power and affordability but they’re not the most versatile machines out there. At least not in their base form. Just as their name suggests, one of their biggest selling points is the Chrome OS, which comes pre-installed on every…


The Best Linux Distros Available on the Market as of 2020

So you’ve finally decided to give Linux a try when you suddenly realized that this isn’t a regular operating system. Most of us have been through a similar situation until we learned that Linux isn’t a singular OS but rather an umbrella term that encompasses…

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