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Leaf Proxies Review – Unique Proxies for Sneaker Copping Industry

Leaf Proxies Review – Unique Proxies for Sneaker Copping Industry

Sneakerheads are an intense bunch. They have a passion for shoes and they will stop at nothing to get their hands on one of those sweet “launch day” drops from hard-to-find brands like Nike Air Jordan or Adidas NMD R1 just because it’s possible these might not come out again soon enough – maybe ever?

But how do they safely cop these limited edition sneakers so fast on release – safely, and without getting blocked by sneaker sites during checkout due to IP restrictions? Well, shopping for limited edition drops has its challenges. And to overcome them, sneakerheads have to come up with fast, automated ways to shop – and ditch the slow, manual check-out process. These include the use of automated sneaker bots such as the Cybersole AIO Bot together with sneaker proxies.

But don’t get tricked into picking just any sneaker proxy service provider you come across on the internet. This is due to the fact that a lot of services fraudulently make exaggerated claims in order to defraud you. They never keep their promises, and they even get you kicked off of sneaker websites.

Leaf Proxies is one established proxy services solution that has helped hundreds of sneakerheads not to miss their favorite drops, and rumor has it that their sneaker proxies are effective for sneaker copping. The mid-range performing brand offers residential proxies and high-speed datacenter proxies as well as sneaker servers and Nike accounts. Interestingly, their residential proxies are priced per GB of data while their datacenter proxies are billed per proxy which makes their pricing model flexible.  

In this review, we dissect Leaf Proxies – the services they offer, their pricing, features, performance, and customer support. Read on to find out more.

Leaf Proxies Pros and Cons

  • A huge pool of proxies. Over 200 million residential proxies;
  • Great for coping sneakers;
  • An intuitive cloud based dashboard;
  • Diversity in packages;
  • Instant setup for some packages;
  • Carefully selected locations for speed optimization.
  • Limited, overpriced features;
  • Limited locations for datacenter proxies – 2 locations (Ashburn-VA and London, UK);
  • No city targeting option;
  • The price per GB is borderline ludicrous.

Proxy Types

Essentially, Leaf Proxies offers two types of proxies. Namely; Residential Proxies and Datacenter Proxies. 

Leaf Proxies Residential Proxies

Residential proxies are a great way to get around geographic restrictions on the Internet. This is because Residential Proxies use IP addresses that ISPs (Internet Service Providers) give their customers, making them legitimate and high ranking with anonymity levels.

That said, Leaf Proxies offers residential proxies to their customers. However, the service seems more of a proxy reselling business in our opinion. For starters, the company claims to have a residential proxy pool of over 200 million IPs. This means that its proxy pool is bigger than that of Oxylabs and Bright Data combined which is not possible for a company of this size.

These proxies are sourced from 5 premium proxy networks which explain the massive number of IPs under their hood. That notwithstanding, one thing that caught our attention is the provider’s distribution of IPs that come from over 40 different countries around the world – or what we like to call country-level geo-targeting.

While the company has IPs from other locations, they are however not enough for geotargeting. With Leaf Proxies residential proxies you can verify ads, cop sneakers, scrap data on a broad scale, compare prices, monitor SEO as well as conduct SERP analysis. So if you’re looking for a real deal, you’re better of checking our list of best residential proxies.

Leaf Proxies Datacenter Proxies

Datacenter proxies are non-ISP-affiliated proxies that offer you private IP authentication and anonymity. These proxies, which come from cloud (remote) servers, are one of the quickest proxies available.

However, since these IPs are used by many people at the same time, they can easily be banned or blacklisted by certain target websites and even search engines making them less effective than residential proxies when it comes to copping sneakers.

That said, Leaf Proxies does offer datacenter proxies for web scrappers for various use cases such as email protection, cyber security, and accessing geo-restricted applications. If you’re need proxies for other use cases, then you can check out the best datacenter proxy providers here.


Aside from the massive proxy pool of over 200 Million plus residential IPs and the worldwide locations for residential IPs, Leaf Proxies does offer a few extra features – although a tad limited – that you need to know about.

Leaf Proxies Authentication

When it comes to authentication, Leaf Proxies, like most other reliable residential proxy services providers offers support for both username & pass authentication. Not only that, but the provider also supports IP authentication or IP address whitelisting as is commonly referred to. While the User & Pass approach is more secure, IP authentication is more practical, so make your decision carefully.

Special Proxy Pools

As aforementioned, Leaf Proxies specializes in offering residential proxies for copping sneakers. As such, Leaf Proxies comes with a separate proxy pool for sneaker coppers. This is because they understand that sneaker sites are unique – which means that what works for one might not work for the other.

Therefore, they provide a variety of proxy pools to suit the demands of copping from various sneaker websites. For example, if you go to the user dashboard and attempt to generate proxies, you’ll see their unique proxy pools for some sneaker sites including Yeezy, Supreme, Footlocker, and Shopify.

Proxy Protocol

Every internet user’s worst nightmare is to be subject to prying eyes. However, you’ll be pleased to learn that all of Leaf Proxies’ proxies support HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCK protocols.

Free Copping Tools for Subscribers

Aside from the proxies, the team at Leaf Proxies is also committed to ensuring that they make your sneaker copping easier. As such, the provider offers some free tools to their residential proxy plan subscribers. One such tool is the Zephyr monitor. Designed for sneaker coppers, the Zephyr monitor alerts you whenever a new sneaker drops so you never miss the sale.  

Plans and Pricing

Leaf Proxies offers a number of proxy solutions to choose from. These plans include Residential Proxy Plan, Datacenter Proxy Plans, Daily Datacenter Proxies, and Last Minute Proxies.

Noticeably, Leaf Proxies residential proxies are charged per GB (bandwidth) of data while datacenter proxies are billed per proxy. In addition, the pricing structure has been well planned to appeal to all sorts of consumers. That said, let’s see what these plans have to offer and whether they offer you value for money.

Residential Proxy Plan

Boasting over 200 million residential IPs, Leaf Proxies Residential Proxy Plan is a universal data plan that lets you access a special pool of pre-filtered proxies for every site from 5 premium networks.

One of the greatest features we liked about this upgraded residential proxy plan is that it includes a whole range of locations all over the world, and the proxies are top-rated or what we like to call Elite Proxies.

Currently, the plan is priced at $19.50/ GB of data used which is on the higher side considering the competition. And given that the pricing is based on bandwidth, there are high chances that you’ll be cut off once your bandwidth allocation runs out. The plan’s validity period is 60 days.

Datacenter Proxy Plans

High-speed data center proxies are available from Leaf Proxies, which you may use on a few sites. However, sites with bot protection such as Adidas, Nike, and Shopify are more likely to detect and block them so they are better used for other use cases aside from sneaker coping.

That said, Leaf Proxies offers four different datacenter packages. Namely; Ashburn, Premium Mobile IPV6, and London which have a validity period of 30 days – and the Weekly ISP plan which has a validity of 7 days.

With these plans, you can get between 10 to 100 IPs based on your needs, and you are assured of instant delivery, unlimited bandwidth, Captcha harvesting, and more. For the monthly plans, the price starts at $16.50 per 10 proxies while the weekly plan goes for $12 per 10 proxies. Note that Leaf Proxies’ datacenter proxies sell out very fast.

Daily Datacenter Proxies

Leaf Proxies also sells datacenter proxies for daily use. So, if the need to cop sneakers or scrap the web arises on any particular day of the week arises, they’ve got you covered. Priced at $9.99 per 10 proxies in the UK or Ashburn-VA, these plans come with 10 Gbps datacenter proxies and are sent at 22:10 p.m. (EDT). 

Last Minute Proxies

Priced at $9.99 per 10 IPs, Last Minute Proxies come with 10 Gbps AIO Comcast proxies and are valid till a specified time and date making them sell out very fast. Just like the daily datacenters, you can pick servers from VA or the UK based on your needs.

Leaf Proxies Free Trials and Money-back Guarantee

Whenever you are trying a product or service for the first time, there is always the fear of the service not measuring up to your standards, and this keeps prospective consumers away.

As such, a free trial is a popular tool for getting new customers to subscribe and stay. Some don’t offer it, but they do have a kind refund policy that allows users the option of getting their full money back if they’re unsatisfied with the service, no questions asked!

Unfortunately, in the case of leaf proxies, there is no Free Trial nor Refunds. In fact, their refund policy states that all sales are FINAL – meaning that if the proxies fail to achieve their intended use case, you’ll not be getting your money back.

Even worse, your subscription could get canceled without a refund if your overuse the bandwidth allocated to you. Quite ludicrous!  

Proxy Connection Speed

When scouting for a reliable sneaker proxies provider, one thing that rarely plays out is the speed of the proxies. Well, while factors such as anonymity and compatibility with various sneaker sites are fundamental, another crucial factor that you need to consider is how fast the provider’s proxy servers are.

With that said, it’s common knowledge that residential proxies are slower than their datacenter counterparts. This is because of the pings and latency involved with them.  But where does Leaf Proxies stand in this context?

From our speed tests using the tool, we found the average upload speed provided by a proxy server by Leaf Proxies to be 6.98 Mbps while the average upload speed was 7.19 Mbps. While the results weren’t impressive, we did not have any major problem streaming videos or surfing the web.

Customer Support

Leaf Proxies offers personalized customer service through Discord.  The service is available 24/7 and anyone can use this function, even if they haven’t purchased a plan.  A link to their Discord chat is located at the bottom of the website.

So, if you’re interested in learning more about Leaf Proxies, or want help with existing ones, you may open a chat request in their Discord channel for further information or assistance. This is a fantastic function, especially for newcomers to sneaker botting.

While a discord channel may not be as convenient and responsive as live chat, trying to use other customer support channels might attract a lot of wait time before your problem gets resolved.

Our Verdict

Leaf Proxies is a one-stop-shop for anyone who needs to get around the internet in anonymity. They offer many different types of proxies, with plans ranging from 1 day up to 30 days and they have an excellent history when it comes down to the quality of their sneaker copping proxies.

But just like any other proxy service on the market, Leaf Proxies have their strengths and disadvantages (such as lack of a refund policy) which you should use as the basis to determine whether this particular service will suit your needs. That notwithstanding, we do recommend Leaf Proxies proxy solutions.

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