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Best Essential Linux Apps for Newcomers and Veterans Alike

Linux may seem a bit intimidating at first if you’ve just switched over from Windows or macOS. After all, you’re not familiar with any of the apps and the user interface looks quite different compared to the one you were used to. So where do…


10 Best Linux Media Server Software for Creating a Home Theater

Linux has long been considered the go-to operating system for tech-savvy people like developers and digital artists. However, that doesn’t mean everybody uses the OS just for work-related purposes. Among other things, Linux can also be used for entertainment just as easily as any other…


5+ Best LaTeX Editors for Linux Users in 2019

LaTeX editors take word formatting to the next level compared to Microsoft Word and other WYSIWYG editors. The LaTeX approach isn’t anywhere as visual as Office apps, but it provides plenty of options for formatting text up to the smallest detail and preference of the…


PHP Memory Limit – Basic Overview and Guide

Have you heard about the PHP memory limit? It is an incredible utility that allows you to control how much memory your scripts take. Think of it as the signs for limited speed on the highway (assuming we all respect them). Regardless of the type…


How to Tell Docker to Remove All Images

If you are reading this guide, the chances are that you know what docker does, but a reminder couldn’t hurt. It enables building, testing, and deploying apps as self-sufficient and portable containers that you can run anywhere. The thing is that you have to order…


An Introduction to Linux and a Brief History of Its Origins

Has a friend recommended Linux to you? Or you maybe heard a lot of good things about this open-source operating system and you would like to try it? Linux is an open-source operating system that is free for download and distribution. It is a platform…

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