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What is Block Storage? – An Introduction

If you have used any server-based storage before, you’ve likely used block storage. Block storage is one of the most common data storage methods available and is ideal for larger files or high-performance programs. What is Block Storage? Block storage is a method of storing…


Does Linux Need an Antivirus Software?

For a long time, the Linux operating system (OS) has been touted as an extremely safe platform. The one core OS may not be as popular as its Windows or Mac counterparts, especially on desktops, but it’s open-source, lightweight, stable, and flexible, and is less…


Choosing a Password Manager for Linux

About a decade ago, password management wasn’t a critical issue, and most Internet users had only a few of them to remember. Typically it was an e-mail, maybe a login to online forums, or a MUD game from even older times (who still remembers those?)….

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