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AIO Bot Review: The Fast, Efficient, and User-Friendly Sneaker Copping Bot

AIO Bot Review: The Fast, Efficient, and User-Friendly Sneaker Copping Bot

Limited edition merchandise is a way to whet your customers’ appetite while still keeping them happy.

Brands like Adidas, Nike, and H&M succeed with this marketing strategy because they create hype about their products by making them available in limited quantities or at particular times of the year before releasing them onto retailers such as foot sites when these items go on sale for everyone else (including those who missed out).

This creates buzz around what’s coming next from these companies – which means there will always be someone eager enough to show up early on the release date.

While staying glued on your computer – refreshing and scrolling through sneakers websites – or even waiting in line at your favorite store on the day of a hotly anticipated release may be thrilling, it doesn’t always guarantee that you’ll catch the latest drop before someone else does.’s Homepage

And as most sneakerheads will tell you, limited-edition sneakers are gone in the space of heartbeat upon release. But how? Well, the answer is sneaker bots combined with sneaker proxies. These sophisticated software components are engineered to automatically complete the checkout process and purchase limited availability drops quicker than is humanly possible – mostly in under 0.2 seconds.

With that said, sneaker bots are normally categorized based on their functions and go by various brand names – and one bot that has become popular among sneakerheads is the AIO (All-In-One) Bot.  

Founded in 2014, AIO Bot is an original all-in-one bot that has the power to do everything for you. This includes creating a personalized queue, monitoring your favorite store’s inventory levels, and even sending notifications when hot new releases become available. With AIO Bot, you’ll never miss out on anything again.

AIO Bot: Pros and Cons

In this original AIO Bot review, we will discuss the bot’s key features, pricing, ease of use, customer support, how it works, and more. But before we dive into the niceties, let’s first see its pros and cons.

  • Offers copping support for over 100 different sneaker websites including Adidas, Footlocker, Shopify, ChampSports and Demandware.
  • You can run up to 100 different tasks simultaneously.
  • Optimized servers and proxies to use with the bot.
  • Always updated for new sneakers releases.
  • Only offers support for Windows OS. No support for macOS.
  • More expensive than its alternatives.

AIO Bot Key Features

Support for Multiple Websites

For a good number of sites, it’s hard to find the right bot that will cater to your needs. This is where AIO Bot V2 comes in. As its name suggests – all-inclusive – you get access to one single bot with support for multiple brand websites like Adidas, Footsites, Meshsites, and a reasonable number of Shopify stores such as YeezyStore, Kith, and Bape.

However, there is no mention of Supreme, and it’s possible that it was omitted intentionally. The product was created by the same individuals who created ANB (Another Nike Bot), and they have a separate bot for Supreme. That being said, AIO allows you to cop sneakers from over 200 sneaker websites.

Multi-threaded for Multi-tasking Support

AIO Bot V2 provides the power of a team with its ability to multitask thanks to its multi-threading technology which gives it the ability to multitask and complete more tasks at once. You can set up separate threads for each pair in order to cop more sneaker drops by creating different task sequences – they’ll all run concurrently on this powerful bot engine.

What’s more, the multi-threaded capability of the bot ensures that it is very fast. Note that, speed in-game mechanics like copping and AIO Bot have a lot to do with how successful you’ll be as well to grab that new drop.

AIO Bot Features
Features available for AIO Bot V2

However, you can multitask only for up to a certain amount tasks before it becomes harmful and begins to impact the bot’s performance, which is why AIO Bot has limits on the number of tasks you may include. You can only have up to 100 accounts with AIO Bot. This implies that you may simultaneously execute up to 100 relevant tasks – using proxies, of course.

Multi-Platform Support

The AIO Bot is an exceptional piece of software that not only works on Windows, but also Mac users can enjoy its benefits. The development team provides tutorials for running the virtual machine inside your Mac, and it will always be effective no matter what platform you choose to run it in.

Auto-Checkout Retries and Captcha Harvester

AIO Bot, like other sneaker bots, automates the checkout process and fills in your data. It also enlists an auto-checkout retry. For example, if the sneaker website it’s trying to buy from crashes, the bot keeps trying to buy items. What a showstopper!

AIO Bot V2 also has a feature called the Captcha Harvester, which enables you to produce tokens automatically for activities. You may also generate one-click Captcha with a manual Captcha Harvester, but you’ll need a decent Gmail account to use it.

Keyword Finder and Link Monitor

Aside from the Captcha harvester and auto-checkout retries, AIO Bot comes with a few other extra features that help you increase your chances of succeeding when surprise limited-edition sneakers drop. Two of these notable features include the Keyword Finder and the Link Monitor.

With the Keyword finder, you can easily locate relevant terms for sneakers prior to their launch which makes it easy for you to create tasks for before new kicks drop. The Link Monitor, on the other hand, looks for sneaker links when a certain pair has been dropped in order to add them to the shopping basket and check out.

AIO Bot Pricing

One of the few drawbacks to using AIO Bot is its slightly higher price tag. Currently, the AIO Bot software retails for $325 which – in our opinion – is slightly higher than that of its close competitors. However, considering that this is a one-time purchase, this isn’t too bad when compared to competitors who require monthly subscriptions that can get quite expensive real quick.

That being said, there are also a few things that you need to know. For one, you only get free updates for the first 6 months of use. Once this period expires, you’ll have to pay an extra $69 to continue getting software updates every six months. While you can still use the bot when still not up-to-date, there are likelihoods that it could fail or break due to regular updates that sneaker websites make every year to frustrate bots.

Another important fact you need to note is that the one-time purchase only applies for use on one PC only. If you need to use this sneaker on another computer, you’ll need to pay an extra $200 per machine. What’s worse, the bot comes with no guarantee or free trial period – just like most things in life.   

Currently, you can save yourself some money and get a great deal when you purchase the bot from their website.  According to the banner on their website, the vendor is offering 10% off! So, take advantage while the offer lasts.

AIO Bot Ease-of-Use

The AIO Bot is a great starting point for beginners. This is because, despite its AI-based design and ability to connect with many different sites, the AIO Bot V2 user interface makes things really easy for anyone who wants to cop sneakers from their favorite online stores.

For one, the bot takes only a jiffy to download and install. Once installed, you’ll need just to fill in a few more details, such as your payment details, shipment information, and proxies, and you’ll be good to go.

AIO Bot Interface
AIO Bot’s User Interface

The app will then help you find the perfect shoe by shopping for brands and styles. You just need to select your preferred merchant, pick out what color or design you want from their catalog of offerings available at different prices points as well as how many copies of each item in a set would be needed- all this will happen automatically.

What’s more, the interface is easy to navigate and understand. For example, you’re able to filter by shoe type, status (purchasing or completed sales), as well as how many times the bot has attempted an order in this list of shoes for sale at your favorite store.

AIO Bot Support for Proxy Configuration  

Successful copping requires using a bot that uses proxies for each task. Some important concepts of how to do this right include staying away from fast mode if at all possible and, most importantly, the use of diverse and elite proxies.

And given that datacenter proxies are easy to spot since they share sub-networks, it’s only wise to select a reliable residential proxy service provider for your sneaker bot. But why residential proxies?

Well, residential IPs are less likely to get flagged by sneaker sites since they come from real user devices such as laptops, PCs, and mobile devices. As such, sites such as Adidas, Nike, and Shopify stores won’t detect sneaker purchases as coming from the AIO Bot but instead from real users.

Another good option is using sneaker proxies which are specially tailored for copping shoes. Quality sneaker proxies usually use clean residential IPs that have never been used before for such tasks. This greatly increases the success rate of the bot.

That said, AIO Bot enables you to set a proxy for each account that will be used for the copping activities. This increases the chances of acquiring more sneakers since the IPs provided are different for each task.

AIO Bot Customer Support

AIO Bot’s excellent customer service crew may be one of the ways in which it has distinguished itself in the sneaker bot market. The assistance is unquestionably top level, and it may be because they’re not new at this game or just really good about utilizing resources available on their platform. Either way, you look at it – the experience left us satisfied.

Customer support is available via live chat on their website, where you are required to enter your name, email, and your question or concern in the message section. After sending the message, you can expect an agent to get back to you in 3 hours on average.

In addition to using the in-bot customer service channel, you can also get help from fellow AIO users on their Discord server. Here you’ll get guidelines on how well to take full advantage of the bot, what keywords to use, news about the latest sneaker releases, and the chance to interact with like-minded people, and so much more, which makes it easy to comprehend how the bot works.

Is the Original AIO Bot Really Worth It?

From this review, it’s clear that the original AIO bot is quite effective and has a much higher copping success rate which has made it one of today’s most coveted sneaker bots on the internet. Undoubtedly, the ANB team behind the software is quite knowledgeable in the industry.

While its initial pricing can be a major challenge for most sneakerheads, the AIO sneaker Bot is definitely worth it. It is easy to use, beginner-friendly, and, more importantly, secure. 

Besides, it’s reported 300K+ successful sales prove this! Coupled with our own detailed review and extensive research we can say that it not only delivers on promises but also comes highly recommended by us here at Blackdown.


Being sneakerheads ourselves, we are always on the hunt for any new limited-edition releases. It’s hard enough to find great shoes in your size and fit your style when they finally come out. But with the original AIO Bot, it becomes so easy; you’ll never have to camp out in front of your computer again – register an account, set up some tasks, and you are good to go.

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