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Top 7 .NET Framework Trends to Dominate in 2024

Top 7 .NET Framework Trends to Dominate in 2024

In today’s time, the .NET framework is becoming a popular choice when it comes to web and mobile development. .NET developers are using the framework to build websites, desktop apps, services, apps, and more.

The use of the framework is expected to grow more and more in the year 2024 and the future onwards. So what are the top .NET trends to dominate this year?

Well, let’s go ahead and have a quick look:

1. Azure Cloud Development

Cloud computing is the future, and there is no doubt about that. And this is where the combination of Azure Cloud and .NET Framework is going to play a major role.

Azure Cloud is the home of different services and applications that .NET developers can use and build products around it.

Thanks to the existing tools library, the developers can easily develop, debug, deploy and monitor cloud applications. Plus, developers can build secure and cloud-optimized apps for day-to-day life challenges.

2. ASP.NET Core

ASP.NET is not really a new technology. In fact, it was launched back in 2016, and it is a slightly advanced version of .NET.

With this technology, developers can build websites and web applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Also, one creates Web APIS and uses real-time technologies like web sockets.

Also, ASP.NET is pretty easy to learn. Also, it requires a smaller number of codes to build great web applications for the modern world. Plus, being a server-side programming language, it comes with its own benefits.

3. Xamarin

Xamarin is another technology that will dominate the mobile app development market since it has the capability to build modern apps for multiple operating systems. Such as iOS, Android, and Windows.

Also, with Xamarin, developers can build native .NET apps. As a result, the apps will work and look the same way across multiple platforms and offer the users a native interface.

Moreover, getting started with Xamarin takes less effort. If you are already familiar with .NET OR C# development, you will find it hard to adopt the tech and build apps on it.

4. Security

Security is another reason why .NET Framework will dominate the app development market. The combination of common language runtime and .NET provides many useful classes and services. As a result, the developers get to write secure codes using cryptography and implement roles-based security.

Also, Microsoft itself made the platform secure and highly reliable for businesses and individuals to use. So if anyone is concerned about their app security, building apps with the .NET framework would be a great idea.

5. Blazor

Many developers believe Blazor will be the next big thing in web development. It is a relatively new technology for building web apps.

What Blazor does is it allows you to use .NET and C# to build full-stack web apps without writing a line of JavaScript.

Also, you can easily create an amazing user experience fast with Blazor’s flexible and reusable component model, which is simple and efficient to use.

Moreover, you can also use the components to build apps for the web as well as native hybrid apps for mobile and desktop.

6. Asp.Net Core Docker Support

In modern-day software development, Docker support is extremely crucial. Since docker helps developers build, ship, and run applications, it allows them to separate their applications from their infrastructure. As a result, developers can deliver software quickly.

Plus, it makes it super easy to manage infrastructure the same way a developer manages their applications.


Machine learning has to be the hottest topic right now. And if you want to build apps using machine learning, ML.NET is there to help you out. It is an open-source, cross-platform machine learning framework built for .NET developers.

You can use your existing ML.NET skills to build machine learning apps. Also, it lets you use other popular ML libraries like Infer.NET, TensorFlow, ONNX, and others in your app development journey.


So those were some of the top .NET Trends that will dominate in the future. The .NET Framework constantly evolves and brings new features supporting modern-day app development across platforms.

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