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10 Best Linux System Engineer Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire Someone

10 Best Linux System Engineer Interview Questions to Ask Before You Hire Someone

Need to hire a Linux engineer? To avert the wrong hire, you should conduct interviews with relevant questions. Find the 10 greatest Linux engineering interview queries further!

Nowadays, there is a wide range of career opportunities for world-class engineering professionals that are proficient in Linux and design win-win solutions. However, even in-demand, experienced Linux engineers still have to move through the traditional hiring practice, from sending in a CV to meeting with a recruiter/startup owner for interviews.

Though CVs as well as numerous testing are essential, they frequently serve as a productive method to screen engineering candidates before proceeding with a more significant exam, i.e. a job interview. During the ideal interview for a Linux engineering role, a candidate is examined for the personal qualities that provide interviewers with the opportunity to identify whether they are a great cultural fit for the business and hire is worth investing in.

Finding the Right Linux Engineer for Your Project

The following 10 queries to ask before hiring a Linux engineer is a perfect combo of personal and tech qualities that ideal engineers should demonstrate.

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What open source solutions are of the greatest interest to you?

A truly great Linux engineer, even a junior one, has a couple of projects they are interested in and enjoy committing. Ideal candidates will be strongly plugged into the solutions the open source community is performing. They will show their passion for racking their brain with the code, revise specific documentation to realize how that operates. Even if they haven’t run it in manufacture but they are aware of how the components interact, how you can benefit from it, and the ideas on how to optimize it.

What kind of job inspires you?

A good Linux engineer has thought about that many times. While responding to this query, they should demonstrate their strong points and what the job leads to. Great candidates speak about that honestly and sincerely just staying yourself. Startup owners should pay attention to that! They don’t want to have a Linux engineer that is making effort to put on a facade.

The above-mentioned queries support startup owners in checking mostly candidates’ soft skills. The following 8 questions will help them to reveal a candidate’s professional qualification. In case you are not a technician, the commentary with the desirable answers is included. The following queries are simple and in case a Linux engineering candidate is puzzled to answer them, it is a red sign for you.

What should be performed to launch an ext4 file system?

To start a tech interview, this is a basic LINUX interview query, and a startup owner might check a candidate’s qualification via asking something connected with file design in the LINUX system. This way, startup owners enjoy a greater understanding of the way a candidate creates processes similar to that effectively. A perfect Linux engineer will offer a clear and quick command in their response so the interviewer can discover they possess experience with the essentials of LINUX commands.

Can you tell me about LILO?

Linux Loader or LILO is a Boot Loader in Linux that integrates Linux OS into the memory to initiate performance. It is a must to install a boot loader, such as LILO to implement the Linux OS. During the interview, a Linux engineering candidate should explain to the interviewer all the aspects and nuances of this process. If they are not sure how it works, it means you need to hire another engineer.

Can you identify the maximum characters for a Linux file?

In Linux, a maximum is 255 characters. This restriction doesn’t eliminate the pathname, so, consequently, the filename and pathname are to exceed 255 characters. In most cases, this query is asked to confuse a candidate and they request to add length with pathname. However, it is impossible to confuse a truly qualified Linux engineer!

How is Swap Space utilized?

Swap Space is an additional place utilized by Linux that temporarily maintains functioning programs if the RAM doesn’t possess relevant space to hold the programs. During running a program, it is situated in the RAM and the processor can search the info fast. Naturally, the ideal Linux engineer will share with a startup owner more specific data on that to prove their qualification.

What do you know about CLI?

Command language Interpreter or CLI is predominantly implemented by Linux engineers to collaborate with the computer program, where the user introduces a command in text lines. Moreover, CLI cooperates with the computer terminals: the text lines are received by the interface and the last modifies them as a command to the OS. It would be ideal if the interviewer asks an engineering candidate to give an example of a CLI-based issue and how they resolved them during their previous project.

What do they require Linux Kernel?

The kernel is considered to be the essentials of the OS. Its role resembles a bridge between software and hardware. In case the hardware is requested by the software, the goal of the kernel consists in transferring the data between both. Ask the candidate to explain to you what the solutions are in case the kernel goes wrong.

How do they share an app across dozens of virtual desktops in Linux?

A virtual desktop is a function to substitute minimizing and maximizing windows. Instead of minimizing or restoring apps, virtual desktops allow shuffling among desktops with various app windows. Again, this is a simple query. But a candidate that doesn’t know the simplest things can’t be a good professional.

What are the ways to lock user account in Linux?

A candidate should know how to guarantee the safety of the user account when the locking user account is performed so hackers can’t access your account. Here, a brilliant Linux engineer should have much to tell you.

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