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Best Linux Tools for Effective SEO in 2024

Best Linux Tools for Effective SEO in 2024

Using online SEO tools for website promotion is common among all webmasters these days. However, it happens very often that some desktop tools for SEO are not available for all operating systems.

If you are using Linux OS, then it is crucial to be aware of which SEO software program options are available for it. Check this article to learn about top Linux SEO software programs and how they would contribute to your website optimization results.

SEO Tools Availability in 2024

In practice, each webmaster can’t imagine their daily routine without any tools used for SEO promotion. The majority of those online SEO tools are accessible online directly via web browsers like Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. However, there is a majority of desktop applications that make the life of webmasters and marketers easier.

Due to the specifics of the Windows operating system, there are lots of paid and free tools for SEO available for it. Also, there are pretty many macOS-compatible SEO tools that could be downloaded directly from the App store.

As for Linux, there are not so many desktop applications designed for it, as the specifics of this operating system is its use in highly technical computer tasks. But, Linux OS is suitable for user workflow so a range of Linux SEO tools are available for it online.

The 8 Best Linux Tools for SEO

As marketers’ work is usually done online, especially when it comes to digital presence strengthening, there are many SEO tools accessible on the web. Below you will find SEO tools that can be found online and Linux-compatible desktop SEO software programs.

1. Ahrefs

This is a complex online service for SEO professionals and marketers. It includes several tools: site checker, rank tracker, site explorer, keywords analyzer, and backlink checker. The site explorer is by far their most popular tool as it offers a complete overview of any website.

Ahrefs’s Project Overview

Then comes the keywords explorer, which is one of the best keyword research tools currently available. Then, once you have found a good site for buying backlinks and have created a strong backlink profile, you can also start using the backlinks explorer to keep track of it.

And this is only a small part of what Ahrefs offers, which is why there’s absolutely no SEO professional who’s not using it in one way or another.

2. SE Ranking

This comprehensive toolset delivers unique data insights to help SEO pros from agencies and in-house teams ​​build, implement, and track the impact of their SEO strategies. In particular, SE Ranking is highly valued for its competitive & keyword research tools, rank tracker, website audit, and backlink checker. 

SE Ranking’s User Dashboard

The platform also features an AI-powered content editor and on-page SEO checker, a report builder, a local marketing tool, and more.

With SE Ranking’s constantly growing datasets and fine-tuned data processing algorithms, you are sure to have access to the most accurate information for making data-driven decisions. Plus, the platform offers flexible pricing plans so that you can scale as your data needs grow.

3. Seobase

Another optimal solution for reinforcing your SEO efforts is called Seobase. It comprises several tools on the same platform: rank checker, backlink checker, keyword explorer, and some others.

If you want to try Seobase, there is a free version for a 1 user, 5 keyword lookups per days, and some other limitations. Anyway, you will be able to upgrade to Premium or Professional package at any time to meet your business goals.

4. CanIRank

This is a tool that you can use for carrying out the analysis of your competitors, researching keywords, and monitoring your website ranking. CanIRank is a unique SEO software as it uses artificial intelligence that provides you with deliberate suggestions based on statistical data. You can start using the CanIRank tool online for free and see how it goes before purchasing any plan.

CanIRank SEO Suggestions for a Inputed Keyword


If you are looking for a comprehensive SEO solution for managing your website, then ETTVI could be the right choice. ETTVI is a set of various tools, including a website speed checker, redirect checker, spider simulator, 404 checker, and link analyzer. It also provides options for managing your website’s technical SEO, reviewing the source code of the website, helping with graphic design, and many other useful functions.

6. HyperChecker

As backlink building is crucial for any website in gaining high-ranking positions, there is a need to monitor gained backlinks. Many webmasters and SEO professionals benefit from backlink checkers such as HyperChecker. It keeps all your backlinks in one place, so you will always be aware if any link is broken or disappears.

7. Screaming Frog

This is an effective SEO application that you can install on your Linux machine. Screaming Frog SEO Spider allows you to crawl your website for checking its onsite SEO and detecting issues if any. You can crawl up to 500 pages for free or purchase a license plan if you need to analyze more URLs for your business.

8. SEO Content Machine

This tool helps SEO professionals, marketers, and copywriters to gain exclusive texts for marketing campaigns. SEO Content Machine generates texts for your link-building and blogs in minutes.

The pricing starts from $27 per month but you can try this tool for free before purchase. Also, you can benefit from extra AI-related features that would make your texts distinctive.

Why Use Professional SEO Tools?

As you might imagine, SEO tools for Linux make the life of marketers and SEO professionals easier. You can manage all the aspects of your website in minutes instead of spending hours on that. This, in turn, would help you to reach the established goals for the website promotion quicker.

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