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Which Is the Best Linux Distro to Install in 2019?

Which Is the Best Linux Distro to Install in 2019?

You decided to give Linux a shot, but you encountered a problem because you have no idea which Linux distro you should choose.

The great thing about the Linux-based operating system is that they are (mostly) free. Additionally, the open-source factor inspired the community to offer different distros suitable for different user needs.

In this article, we will try to investigate which is the best Linux distro to install in 2019. We are presenting you ten options you cannot go wrong with, and it is up to you to make the final decision.

1. Ubuntu

If you are a beginner looking for a GUI operating system, Ubuntu is a great choice. The experienced members of the community unanimously agree that newcomers should start with this OS. They consider Ubuntu extremely secure and stable Linux Distro.

You can choose between different desktop environments, such as MATE, XFCE, KDE, Unity, and Gnome. Furthermore, you have the option to test the essential features before deciding to install the Ubuntu desktop. The operating system has software repositories which are regularly synchronized with Debian.

Ubuntu comes with a wide variety of pre-installed apps, but installing additional software is also easy. All you need to do is to head to the apps repository and choose the desired piece of software.

The system requirements are not demanding with the optimal setup requiring 2Ghz processor and 2GB RAM along with 25GB of hard-drive space. Make sure to grant internet access during the installation so that you can get all the latest updates

Why You Should Choose It

  • Suitable for newbies
  • A selection of pre-installed applications
  • Pick between different desktop environments
  • The system requirements are not demanding

2. Ubuntu Mate

It is a variation of Ubuntu that is specifically tailored for laptops or old and weak computers. You could say that this is a lightweight Ubuntu whose aim is to keep things user-friendly and simple.

Ubuntu Mate offers a Gnome 2 desktop environment that looks familiar to newbies, which means they will find their way around this OS easily. As it does not require a strong machine to run, it is perfect if you want to maximize the performance of a computer.

When you install Ubuntu Mate, you will get a selection of pre-installed apps, including video players, image management tools, backup managers, as well as a suite of Office apps. We hate to make the comparison, but if you are looking an alternative to Windows, this OS looks the most like it. If you want to adjust the core interface, you can use the Tweak Tool that comes with the OS.

Why You Should Choose It

  • Ideal for old computers and laptops
  • You can maximize the performance of a machine with this OS
  • A familiar desktop environment suitable for newbies
  • Everything you need comes with pre-installed apps

3. Tiny Core

You probably know that one of the advantages of Linux distros is that they can be installed on old machines with outdated configurations. If you have one of those, how does a 15MB install sound? That is the size of Tiny Core, probably the lightest Linux Distro available today.

The fact that it is incredibly lightweight comes with a price as it only has the essential software installed and the interface is minimal. On the plus side, it will take only seconds to boot, which is considerably fast when compared to other distros. If necessary, you can install additional apps later.

Why You Should Choose It

  • The lightest Linux distro out there
  • Perfect for computers that are decades old
  • Allows the users to install additional software

4. Steam OS

If you are a passionate gamer, you are surely familiar with the Steam gaming storefront. The developers from Valve decided to design a Linux-based Steam OS that comes with a pre-installed Steam app. The operating system is based on Debian and comes with only that one application installed.

However, you also have the option to choose a “Desktop Mode” if you want to have a complete Linux experience. Although it was primarily designed for gamers, you can use Steam OS to do other tasks, too.

The biggest advantage of this operating system is that it increases your chances of running various games smoothly. If you plan to play games on your machine, consider installing this OS.

Why You Should Choose It

  • Specifically created for gamers
  • Excellent support for gaming hardware and drivers
  • Based on Debian
  • Desktop mode available

5. Arch Linux

Let’s get serious for a moment and present a Linux distro that is the preferred choice of developers throughout the world. It is clear that Arch Linux is a professional OS from the very start. Not only the installation process is tricky, but it also doesn’t come with a graphics interface.

Arch Linux comes with Pacman – a package manager (not the game) and Linux kernel. In essence, that provides you a base that you can upgrade any way you see fit. That means this OS is highly customizable, which many users will appreciate.

You can choose the latest software from the official repository, and software updates are also handled automatically, which means maintenance is effortless.

Why You Should Choose It

  • Highly customizable
  • An excellent choice for developers and professionals
  • Minimal maintenance required

6. Elementary OS

If you are a person that highly appreciates aesthetics, this is the Linux distro you need. The community often mentions Elementary OS is the best-looking OS out there. You could say that it combined the best from both Windows and Mac and took the beauty of operating systems to the next level.

The environment looks clean, and it is easy to find your way around. It has a bunch of cool icons and colorful wallpapers, but the truly cool feature is multi-desktop support.

Elementary OS also does a fairly good job when it comes to performance. It is very stable and constantly updated. It is based on the Pantheon desktop environment.

Why You Should Choose It

  • The best-looking Linux distro out there
  • Beautiful interface with cool icons and wallpapers
  • Multi-desktop support
  • Solid performance and regular updates

7. Linux Mint

Linux Mint is another widely used operating system. Its biggest advantage is that it is suitable for both beginners and veterans in using Linux. The OS is based on Ubuntu, and it looks exceptionally elegant. You can utilize software repositories of Ubuntu, which offers a wide range of available apps that you can install.

You can choose between several options based on your preference – MATE, KDE, Gnome, Xfce, and Cinnamon. The installation process is simple, and you shouldn’t have any problems with it even if you are a newbie.

During installation, the OS will set up a variety of programs you may need, including video playback support and media codecs, browser plugins, and even Java. Once you install it, you will realize that Linux Mint reminds you a bit of Mac.

Why You Should Choose It

  • Looks elegant and reminds a bit of Mac
  • Suitable for newcomers and veteran users
  • Comes with a bunch of pre-installed apps
  • Choose between different flavors

8. Edubuntu

Getting your kids on the right track in life is important. When it comes to operating systems to use, many would recommend you to use special Linux Distros for your children. That is one of the reasons why Edubuntu was designed – to educate your kids.

Edubuntu is a modified version of Ubuntu with education listed as its primary purpose. The operating system is child-friendly, and you can easily teach children the basics of using it. Moreover, they can also learn themselves by exploring. The cool thing about is that you can run it from CD or install it like classical OS.

Why You Should Choose It

  • Child-friendly operating system
  • You can run it from a live CD
  • Easy to teach and learn

9. Chalet OS

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you have been a Windows user your entire life. If you want to make the transition to Linux easier, you may want to consider installing Chalet OS. It is designed in a way to remind you of Windows, but only in a graphical way.

When it comes to performance, it is all Linux all the way. For starters, you can run it on ancient computers and laptops with poor hardware. Additionally, you will get a bunch of pre-installed apps and features. The list includes office apps, multimedia software, weather gadget, and so on.

Why You Should Choose It

  • It resembles Windows in a graphical way
  • Includes office, multimedia, and other apps
  • Lightweight and fast

10. Qubes OS

You can’t worry too much about your cybersecurity these days. If your primary reason for using Linux is maximizing the level of safety, you cannot go wrong with Qubes OS.

The operating system is based on Fedora and has a bunch of security features. For example, it will isolate and virtualize different VM separately to keep the security level high.

In case you download a potentially suspicious software, this Linux Distro will keep your personal files isolated so that the malicious program cannot get them. You will need to have advanced knowledge to use this OS, but it does an excellent job to meet and exceed your expectations.

Why You Should Choose It

  • Unmatchable security
  • Suitable for advanced users
  • Protects your personal files from malicious software

Which One Should I Pick?

There is no definite answer to that question. Your choice will depend on your tech skills and knowledge, as well as the plans you have with your Linux Distro.

If you are a newbie, you cannot go wrong with Linux Mint or Ubuntu. On the other hand, advanced users will find Arch Linux or Qubes a more suitable distro. If you need an OS for outdated machines or laptops, you will need a lightweight system like Ubuntu Mate or Tiny Core.

Ultimately, it all depends on your needs and preferences. The good news is that all the mentioned versions are free, which means that you can give them a test ride and choose the one that meets your expectations!

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