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Proxyware: What Is It And How It Can Benefit You

Proxyware: What Is It And How It Can Benefit You

In recent years, proxyware has gained popularity among users as a fast and secure way of making money online. People can rent their unused Internet bandwidth to proxyware applications and get monetary rewards. Apps like Honeygain openly disclose how your shared Internet is used — the app gathers publicly available online data through its crowdsourced web intelligence network and rents it to companies that need an additional Internet connection.

Most of the proxyware apps operate similarly. You provide your IP address to an app, which they rent to businesses that collect large amounts of data online. Additionally, the companies can view localized content that is otherwise restricted. 

Nevertheless, such applications amassed attention from security experts and bloggers, highlighting both the pros and cons — the technology is relatively new, and hackers are targeting the weak points of these apps. They point out vulnerabilities and help the proxyware apps adapt their cybersecurity systems accordingly. 

The Benefits Of Proxyware

Proxyware applications are beneficial for both businesses and users. These apps help companies with marketing campaigns, ad verifications, brand protection, and price comparison worldwide. For example, companies need to know the value of their products and use price comparisons across the web to learn how much profit they can earn while keeping their competitive advantage. Proxyware provides the necessary Internet connection to compare prices for various products every minute.

Moreover, users get monetary rewards for sharing their Internet connection with proxyware applications. Usually, they get paid for the amount of traffic they share and can cash out through PayPal or other channels. Additionally, users can enjoy a better online experience due to the companies that use proxyware for their business operations. Thanks to proxyware, you can enjoy better advertisements on frequently visited websites, improved search results, and better flight prices.

The Leader Of Proxyware — Honeygain

Arguably the most popular proxyware application, Honeygain, allows users to generate passive income online by sharing their Internet connection. It is the world’s first crowdsourced web intelligence network that provides services to global industries. Notably, the Honeygain network provides public online data to the most important industries — e-commerce, venture capital, advertising, and web analytics. The top customer of Honeygain is the travel and hospitality industry. Also, digital marketing companies are trusted partners of Honeygain.

Honeygain’s User Dashboard

The company seeks transparency in its operations as using proxyware is a new venture in the technology industry. That’s why Honeygain provides the use cases of shared bandwidth — that includes times when the partners protect their brand identity, notice marketing, email scams, data leaks, and more because of proxyware’s benefits.

Honeygain’s Profitability

In terms of monetary compensation for users, Honeygain pays $3 for sharing 10GB of traffic. Notably, the app runs as a background task, and users don’t have to put much effort into making money with proxyware services. Furthermore, users can boost their earnings by turning on special features and participating in the Lucky Pot lottery or social media contests to get free credits. They can be redeemed as cash through PayPal or cryptocurrency JumpToken, thanks to their partnership with JumpTask.

Additionally, users can refer friends to join Honeygain and get a permanent 10% bonus equal to their referral’s daily earnings. If your friends need the incentive to join, the company offers a $5 gift for new users if they use your unique referral code. 

Security Regarding Proxyware Usage

There have been many discussions about security concerns when using proxyware applications. Potential vulnerabilities include the spread of malware through the monetization of bandwidth. For example, Packetstream constantly promotes its official download links to address this threat and avoid harm to its user base. Also, most proxyware companies encrypt your bandwidth and never access any private data to provide additional security for its users.

If you’re planning to make money using proxyware apps, ensure your chosen service provider has 2-factor authentication for payouts and strict KYC standards for its partners. As this is a new type of technology, you should be aware of potential scams and read reviews on websites like Trustpilot. It can help you to evaluate the profitability and trustworthiness of any app. Nevertheless, this trailblazing technology can become your new income stream and improve your experience when browsing the Internet. 

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