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How To Filter And Block Unwanted Sites From Your Kid’s Linux Device

How To Filter And Block Unwanted Sites From Your Kid’s Linux Device

Internet is a privilege, and none of us can live without it, there’s no doubt. It helps us in education, shopping, entertainment, and whatnot. But every coin has two faces, even the internet has two sides, that is, good and bad.

There are various websites on the internet that can be harmful to the kids, some of them being gambling sites, drugs, adult sites, and gore content sites. As a parent, it is your responsibility to prevent your child from engaging with such sites, but how?

The simple answer is a parental control app. “But this sounds like I don’t trust my child.” Well, that’s not completely true.

Parental control apps are used for restricting certain apps, websites, screen time, and features on your kid’s device. Smartphones, laptops, and tablets are important for education, but they are capable of doing a lot more than just opening zoom classes or playing games.

This is why it is important to install a parental control app in your kid’s device because kids at a tender age should have limited access to the online world. Therefore, we’ll have a look at one of the best parental control apps in the market, FamiSafe.

Overview Of FamiSafe Parental Control App

FamiSafe parental control app is a product of Wondershare technologies, which is famous for its Filmora video editing software. The company has created the app keeping in mind the needs of the parents to protect their child’s online activities.

The app has a clean and easy-to-understand user interface, and you will get along with its functionalities easily. Another thing that makes this a good product is its cross-platform support, which in simpler terms means that you can install the app on iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle devices.

FamiSafe App

Moreover, it also has a windows parental control version of the app, which can be controlled by you from anywhere. All of these features make the app stand out from the rest of its competitors.

Features Of FamiSafe Parental Control App

Activity report

FamiSafe has a feature that shows you a brief summary of how your kid uses the devices. You can find out the number of apps used all installed and installed on the device Moreover you can even find out the websites visited in the videos watched on YouTube activity report that helps you to identify which app your child is addicted to.

Screen time

The screen time feature of the app helps you to limit or impose restrictions on the usage of the device. This feature helps your child to concentrate on the important aspects of his daily routine rather than spending time on apps and websites that waste his time. Moreover, you can impose the screen time restriction for a particular time of the day rather than blocking the device throughout.

Location tracking

Another feature which you will find most useful is the location tracking feature which is a built-in feature of the app. This feature allows you to track the real-time location of your child and set geofences.

In simpler words, geofences act as a barrier and alert you whenever your child crosses the particular set of coordinates that are set by you in the app. This feature is useful if your child often travels to the classes or nearby cafes, movie theatres, or malls on his own.

Website filter

Website filter Is a feature that blocks certain categories from access. While surfing the Internet a child may encounter various websites that might be related to drugs alcohol adult content violins violence and whatnot. Therefore, FamiSafe allows you to block more than ten categories of websites and whenever you block a certain category, all the websites that fall into such categories will be blocked from access.

Detect suspicious images

Adult content, obscene images are openly available on the internet, and your kids might get access to them easily and download it on their devices. But, if you have enabled the suspicious image detection feature, you will receive alerts whenever it detects such images in their device gallery.

Detect suspicious text

Just like the suspicious image detection feature, the suspicious text detection feature also sends you alerts whenever your child encounters a word that is filtered by you. FamiSafe allows you to create a list of all the words which you don’t want your kids to see while using the smartphone, tablet, or PC.

FamiSafe Subscription Charges

As compared to the features offered, FamiSafe has kept its subscription fees minimal so that every parent can get it for their child’s online safety. The plans are basically divided into three types, that is, monthly, quarterly and yearly.

The monthly plan is priced at $9.99 and covers 5 devices at the same time. The quarterly plan is priced at $19.99 per quarter, and protects 10 devices simultaneously, while the yearly plan is billed at $59.99 and also protects 10 devices.

You can download the app on your devices from here:

  1. Apple App store
  2. Amazon Store
  3. Google PlayStore

How To Filter Unwanted Website Using FamiSafe?

You first have to download the app and purchase a subscription. Once that is done, install the app on your kid’s device and sign in using the pairing code. You can now explore the feature list and select the website filter. You can now block a specific website/URL, or an entire category, such as social media, adult content, drugs, and more.

That’s how you can filter unwanted websites from access on your child’s device. Apart from this, you can also block apps from access using the app blocker feature.

Wrapping It Up

Internet is not a safe place unless you use it with certain restrictions. It has all the good and bad information lying around, that can be accessed by anyone. A parental control app helps you to set up internet filters and refrain your child from getting access to such content easily.

Now, if you feel like parental control apps are a bit too much for your kid and if he spends most of his time on a Linux device, then you can have a look at our list of best Linux distros for kids. These distros are designed with kids’ best interests in mind and are sure to keep your little one safe and entertained.

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