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Top 8 Screen Recording Software for Linux

Top 8 Screen Recording Software for Linux

There are many reasons why you might need to do screen recording on Linux. You might want to record your own tutorial videos for YouTube or capture a live event like a seminar. Either way, since Linux distributions don’t come with their own native screen recorders, you’ll need to download one or use an online tool. Here are some of the best screen recorders for Linux.

We’ll begin with some of the best Linux screen recording software that you can actually download and install to your device. All of the programs below are completely compatible with the Linux platform.

1. OBS

We’ll begin with OBS, also known as OBS Studio. This is a popular, open-source application for screen recording, and it also works for live streaming and more. Since it’s free and open-source, there’s no risk or cost associated with using OBS, and it’s a highly advanced tool that you can configure however you like to record your computer screen or other screens, like connected monitors. It comes with its own audio mixer, filters, and dozens more features.

OBS Studio’s User Interface


  • Completely free to use
  • Filled with advanced tools and features
  • Works for live-streaming on major platforms like Twitch and YouTube


  • Can be a little tricky for new users to understand

2. VLC

Another downloadable screen recorder you can use on Linux is VLC. VLC is best known as a free media player, and it’s one of the best media players to use on Linux, capable of reading and playing the majority of audio and video file formats.

It can also be used for screen recording and screencasting, although you will need to delve into the settings menus and consult a tutorial to set it up for the first time. Once configured, it works well and can play back your recordings.

VLC’s Screen Capture Feature


  • A completely free application
  • Works as a media player and recorder
  • Lets you configure frame rate and more


  • Relatively basic screen recording technology

3. VokoscreenNG

VokoscreenNG, otherwise known as just Vokoscreen, is another Linux video screen capture app. This is a pretty simple and beginner-friendly screen recorder for Linux. It lets you capture either the whole screen or different areas of the screen, and you can magnify or zoom in on certain sections if you like.

It also comes with some configurable options like the ability to flip your screen vertically or horizontally, remove the frame around each window, or adjust the colors.

Vokoscreen’s User Interface


  • Very basic and beginner-friendly
  • A lightweight app
  • Multiple recording options and webcam support


  • Lacks advanced features

4. Gifine

As the name suggests, Gifine is a screencasting tool for Linux that actually allows you to make GIF files from your screen, and you can then stitch them together into a long-form video. This app also supports MP4 screen recording on Linux.

It’s a pretty basic and barebones piece of software, but it’s really easy to use and comes with some handy features that let you configure the recording area, framerate, and more to make your recordings however you want.

Gifine Recording a Game


  • A beginner-friendly app
  • Useful for making GIFs
  • Easy to work with


  • The interface could do with some updating

5. ScreenRec

ScreenRec is another simple and reliable screen recorder for Linux. It’s arguably one of the easiest screen recorders for Linux to use, and it’s free to get started with. It’s also free of any ads or spam, so you won’t have to worry about that, and it supports both desktop and webcam capture.

It can capture audio too from your system or external devices, and you can save your videos to your computer or share them instantly online on major sharing and social media sites.

ScreenRec’s User Interface


  • Desktop and camera support
  • Free to use
  • Lots of handy features like offline recording and instant sharing


  • Lacks editing tools and features

Online Tools for Screen Recording on Linux

Of course, you might not want to download a program to your device. You might prefer to simply use an online tool for screen recording instead. Here are some of the best online screen recorders for Linux users.

1. ScreenCapture by Movavi

Created by leading software developer Movavi, Screen Capture is a completely free and easy-to-use online screen recorder for Linux and other devices. It lets you instantly capture your screen without the need for any downloads or installations, and it makes high-quality recordings of your screen and your webcam if needed.

It also captures internal and external audio and offers super speedy video processing, so you can download your videos in no time.

ScreenCapture’s Homepage


  • Really easy to use and completely free
  • Produces high-quality videos
  • Fast processing times


  • Requires an internet connection to work

2. Screencastify

Screencastify is another online screen recorder that works on all major platforms, from Linux to Windows. It allows you to capture recordings of your screen in no time, without any watermarks.

However, you are limited to a maximum of five minutes per recording. Once you’ve finished a recording with Screencastify, you can use its built-in editing tools and export your file in MP4 format.

Screencastify’s Homepage


  • Free to use, without any watermark on your video
  • Comes with some handy editing tools
  • Allows you to easily share your recordings online


  • Maximum recording limit of five minutes

3. Bewisse

The final entry in our list of screen recorders for Linux is Bewisse. Bewisse screen recorder is a completely free online tool that allows users to record their screens without the need for any downloads or installations. It can record your entire screen, and there are no time limits or watermarks to worry about.

Once complete, your recordings will be saved directly to your device, and you can use Bewisse’s handy features to make annotations on your videos or screenshots. This tool also offers one-click sharing.

Bewisse’s Homepage


  • Free to use
  • Doesn’t have any limits or watermarks
  • Offers annotations and easy online sharing


  • Only allows you to save in MP4 format

If you are looking for a good screen recording software that is compatible with Linux, any of the ones we have listed should work well for you. They all have different features and pros and cons, so be sure to choose the one that best suits your needs.

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