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5 Best Linux Video Editing Software That are Free in 2021

5 Best Linux Video Editing Software That are Free in 2021

When it comes to video editing, Linux is not the go-to platform for many people. It is due to the fact that people don’t truly realize the potential this operating system has for multimedia production. Linux is praised among the IT community for its free access and presence of free software tools. When Windows and Mac users are busy paying money for the software licenses, Linux users use free tools to do professional work. 

Most people suggest using iMovie or Windows Movie Maker for video editing. The problem with these free tools is that they can’t be used for professional video editing. If you are looking for Linux video editors, you have come to the right place as there are some great software programs that have the same features as paid versions of many programs. In this article, we will tell you about five Linux video editing tools that are completely free to use and come packed with plenty of features.

1. Kdenlive

Kdenlive is one of the most-cherished Linux video editing software. This tool packs all the features that are pertinent for professional video editing. Features like dual monitor support, multi-track timeline, and customizable layout options enable the users to create a unique experience for their needs—the best thing about this software is that it supports a wide array of video formats. 

You can edit videos from mpeg2 to DVCAM formats. Kdenlive is an all-purpose editing solution, and you can use it without paying a penny! Many professional video creation companies use free Linux tools. For example, Blue Carrot is a company that uses Linux apps for whiteboard video production


2. OpenShot

OpenShot is a handsome Linux video editing software that is extremely easy to use for beginners. OpenShot can do various video-related tasks. Things like adding smooth transitions to videos and effects are all easy, even for the newbie video editors. Other features include clip resizing, 3D titles, frame accuracy, audio mixing, and so on. With OpenShot, you can also get features like sharing videos directly to social platforms, and you can even burn them to DVDs. OpenShot is not widely used like Kdenlive because it is not for pro video editors. 


3. Shotcut

Shotcut is another beginner-friendly video editing software for Linux users. The learning curve is a bit difficult for absolutely newbie video editors, but still, this software is extremely easy for new video editors. One of the main features that differentiate it from OpenShot is that you can edit 4K videos. You can also use dual monitors while editing with Shotcut. Shotcut also allows you to apply a wide range of effects and transitions. Though this software is packed with SO MANY features, it only becomes more difficult to use it. Shotcut is an overall video editing software that can fulfill common video editing needs. 


4. Lightworks

Lightworks is famous for its professional-grade NLE editing tools and has received several awards for its usability. You can edit videos up to 4K resolution using this reliable tool. The best thing about Lightworks is that contrary to the tools famous in the market, you can easily use this software because of its great UI. It gets even easier to use the timeline feature on this software. The Drag and Drop support is another feature that aids the overall editing experience. However, the only “Downside” is that to use the full features; you have to buy the Pro version. The Free version is adequate for common video editing needs. 


5. Blender

When it comes to working on 3D images and graphics, there is no software better than a blender. Blender is mostly used by graphic designers who work on games as it has lots of built-in features to make visual effects, video games, animated films, and 3D applications. You can use different tools to perform skinning, 3D modeling, texturing, UV wrapping, amongst other features, without paying for anything. The software also supports modeling, rigging, animation, and simulation of graphics, which are extremely useful in video editing and game creation. 



While there are a number of video editors mentioned in the list, if you want a simple and easy to use software that let you perform all the needed function, you can’t go wrong with Kdenlive. Not only is it one of the most used software programs for video editing, but it has all the features that most paid tools provide. Other than that, you can also go for OpenShot or Shotcut, as these are the best tools for beginners and provides different features that you can use.

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