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How to Install Java on Linux

How to Install the Latest Java on Ubuntu Linux

You have installed Ubuntu, but you realized you could not use its full potential without Java. That is understandable, and it is why we are investigating how to install Java on Ubuntu in this article. The important thing to mention is that the tutorial is…

How To Change Linux User Password

How to Change User Password on Linux

Using the command line is the quickest and easiest way to make magic happen in the world of Linux. The “passwd” utility is what gives us the opportunity to change and manage passwords for all users of your system. In this guide, we will explain…

Basic Linux Commands for Beginners

Basic Linux Commands Every Beginner Should Know

You have completed the installation process, and you are ready to start using Linux. If you want the operating system to execute your requests, you need to know how to issue commands properly. Linux has become more user-friendly lately, which is why its distros have…

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