Author: Thomas Hyde
How to Install Sublime Text on Linux

How to Install Sublime Text on Ubuntu Linux

Text editors and office suite applications are two completely different things. While Libre Office or Microsoft Office can help you create amazing business documents, if you want to edit source code or lines of pure text, a simple text editor is the best solution. In…

How to Remove Images with Docker

How to Tell Docker to Remove All Images

If you are reading this guide, the chances are that you know what docker does, but a reminder couldn’t hurt. It enables building, testing, and deploying apps as self-sufficient and portable containers that you can run anywhere. The thing is that you have to order…

Bash Function Basics

What You Need to Know about the Bash Function

One of the available functions in a Linux-based operating system is the bash function. In its essence, this function is a chain of commands a user can call multiple times. Although it does come with certain limitations, bash can also improve readability of your bash…

How to Use Linux Screen

How to Use Linux Screen

Tell us if this sounds familiar – you lose connection in the middle of a complicated task you are performing on a remote server. That means you have wasted hours of work, and you don’t want that to happen. When it comes to helpful Linux…

CentOS Linux Review

A Beginner’s Friendly Review of CentOS Linux

Have you heard of Red Hat Linux? It is a branded version of the Linux operating system that is extremely reputable among experts and users. CentOS is an open-source version of the RH Linux that is equally stable and secure. Let’s take an in-depth look…

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