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Best Linux Media Server Software

10 Best Linux Media Server Software for Creating a Home Theater

Linux has long been considered the go-to operating system for tech-savvy people like developers and digital artists. However, that doesn’t mean everybody uses the OS just for work-related purposes. Among other things, Linux can also be used for entertainment just as easily as any other…

Best Raspberry Pi Projects

Best Raspberry Pi Projects You Can Build by Yourself in 2019

The Raspberry Pi is an affordable single-board computer (SBC) no bigger than a credit card. But what this nifty device lacks in size it more than makes up for in versatility. The first version of the Raspberry Pi came out back in 2012 and took…

Best Linux Distros for Kids 2019

Best Linux Distros for Kids in 2019: Prepare the Young Ones for the Future

People who don’t have a lot of experience with Linux often assume that this family of operating systems isn’t for everyone. Well, that’s not actually the case. Although some advanced distributions are used to power everything from supercomputers to systems aboard the ISS, there are…

Best Latex Editors for Linux Users

5+ Best LaTeX Editors for Linux Users in 2019

LaTeX editors take word formatting to the next level compared to Microsoft Word and other WYSIWYG editors. The LaTeX approach isn’t anywhere as visual as Office apps, but it provides plenty of options for formatting text up to the smallest detail and preference of the…

How to Install Virtualbox on Linux

Ubuntu VirtualBox – A Detailed Installation Guide

If you are looking for a virtualization app with cross-platform support, you can’t go wrong with VirtualBox. It is the preferred choice of many Linux users because it is both free and open-source. Let’s take a look at how you can install Ubuntu VirtualBox. You…

How to Use Grep Command in Linux

A Guide About the Grep Command to Search Files in Linux

The Linux terminal is a quite powerful utility with numerous useful commands to control your operating system. The global regular expression print command or GREP is among the ones Linux users frequently utilize. You can use Grep to search multiple files for lines that will…

PHP Memory Limit Basic Guide

PHP Memory Limit – Basic Overview and Guide

Have you heard about the PHP memory limit? It is an incredible utility that allows you to control how much memory your scripts take. Think of it as the signs for limited speed on the highway (assuming we all respect them). Regardless of the type…

How to Install Kodi on Ubuntu Linux

How to Install Kodi on Ubuntu-Based Linux Distributions

If you are a fan of TV, the chances are you won’t find a more useful app than Kodi. You might know this media player as XBMC, which is its former name. The software is open-source, completely free, and available across multiple platforms. Kodi has…

How to Install and Use Tmux on Linux

A Simple Guide on Using Tmux

One of the perks of having a Linux-based operating system installed is that you can take advantage of using Tmux. It is an excellent alternative for those who do not like or are tired of using GNU Screen. Tmux has the same purpose, which means…

How to Install Yarn on Ubuntu Linux

Step by Step Instructions on How to Install Yarn on Ubuntu

Managing npm packages can be easy if you find a package manager compatible with them, such as Yarn. This javascript-based utility can help you to install, configure, update and uninstall npm packages effortlessly. The idea of Yarn is to accelerate the setup process for npm…

Debian versus Ubuntu

Debian VS Ubuntu – Which One Should You Pick?

It will take a while to name all the available Linux distros out there. However, if we only stick to the most popular options with stable community support, we can narrow the choice to several operating systems. If you have never used a Linux-based system…

How to Overclock Raspberry Pi 3 CPU

How to Overclock the GPU & CPU of a Raspberry Pi 3

If you are a performance freak, it is only understandable that you are considering how to overclock Raspberry Pi 3. The main idea is to improve performance while ensuring optimal stability. Take a look at our tutorial if you want to find out more about…

Top-Rated Free Steam Games for Linux

Top-Rated Free Steam Games for Linux You Should Try

The fact that you are a Linux user shouldn’t stop you from playing great games. Fortunately, the developers share the same opinion, which is why many of these fantastic titles are optimized for any Linux based distro. As the biggest gaming storefront out there, it…

How to Install Ubuntu Linux on Chromebook

How to Install Ubuntu Linux on Chromebook

If you are a fan of tech gadgets, you probably heard of Chromebook products. These portable devices are a great choice for all businessman and individual users looking for a reliable machine with a stable operating system. The interesting thing to mention is that the…

Linux Mint vs Ubuntu

Linux Mint VS Ubuntu – An Age Old Debate Translated to Linux

It is not easy to pick your first Linux distro. You are probably not an expert, which means you need a beginner-friendly operating system. Although that does narrow your choice, you still have several great options. If your selection has come down to deciding the…

How to Install Sublime Text on Linux

How to Install Sublime Text on Ubuntu Linux

Text editors and office suite applications are two completely different things. While Libre Office or Microsoft Office can help you create amazing business documents, if you want to edit source code or lines of pure text, a simple text editor is the best solution. In…

How to Install Chrome on Linux

A Detailed Guide on How to Install Chrome on Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu uses Mozilla Firefox as the default web browser. And while there is nothing wrong with that choice, you may prefer to use Google Chrome. It is the most popular browser worldwide, and many users love using it because it is simple and fast. In…

How to Remove Images with Docker

How to Tell Docker to Remove All Images

If you are reading this guide, the chances are that you know what docker does, but a reminder couldn’t hurt. It enables building, testing, and deploying apps as self-sufficient and portable containers that you can run anywhere. The thing is that you have to order…

Bash Function Basics

What You Need to Know about the Bash Function

One of the available functions in a Linux-based operating system is the bash function. In its essence, this function is a chain of commands a user can call multiple times. Although it does come with certain limitations, bash can also improve the readability of your…

How to Use Linux Screen

How to Use Linux Screen

Tell us if this sounds familiar – you lose connection in the middle of a complicated task you are performing on a remote server. That means you have wasted hours of work, and you don’t want that to happen. When it comes to helpful Linux…

How to use Bash Loop Functions

A Detailed Guide on the Bash for Loop Functions and Commands

Whether you are a programming beginner or an experienced developer, you will agree with us on one thing – loops are among the basic concepts of many languages used in programming. Do you need to repeatedly execute a line of commands until you meet a…

CentOS Linux Review

A Beginner’s Friendly Review of CentOS Linux

Have you heard of Red Hat Linux? It is a branded version of the Linux operating system that is hugely reputable among experts and users. CentOS is an open-source version of the RH Linux that is equally stable and secure. Let’s take an in-depth look…

Linux Mint Review

Linux Mint 19 – A Beginner’s Friendly Review

Linux Mint is one of the most popular distributions of the Linux operating systems out there. It is right there at the top along with the Ubuntu. The reason why it is so high is that it is quite suitable for beginners and an excellent…

Linux Tails Review

Linux Tails Review: Stay Safe and Anonymous Online

You can’t be too worried about the safety of your sensitive personal data online. We are living in an age when hacker attacks are a regular occurrence, and you need to do everything in your power to stay safe online. Using the Linux Tails operating…

Fedora Linux Review

Fedora Review: Is It the Linux Distro for You?

Fedora is often mentioned as one of the most popular Linux distros out there, which is reason enough to deserve a review article. Here is what you should know about this operating system, as well as detailed information on installing and using it. What You…

How to Enable SSH on Linux

How to Enable Secure Shell (SSH) on Ubuntu Linux

You want to do everything in your power to ensure that the client-server connections you make are secure. That is why you should consider enabling SSH on Ubuntu. It is a network protocol known as Secure Shell that should keep the highest level of security…

How to Install Python Pip Linux

How to Install Pip on Ubuntu Linux

If you are a fan of using Python programming language, you can make your life easier by using Python Pip. It is a package management utility that allows you to install and manage Python software packages easily. Ubuntu doesn’t come with pre-installed Pip, but here…

How to Add User to Group

How to Add a User to a Group on Linux

The Linux system supports joining users together in a group to make account management easier. Let’s take a look at how you can create, list, and erase groups and add and remove users from them. What You Need for This Tutorial Apart from a Linux-based…

How to use Linux Time Command

How to Use the Linux Time Command

The time command might not be the most frequently used one in a Linux terminal, but that doesn’t diminish its usefulness. If you want to know the time required for the command to run, as well as some other details, this is the right command…

How to Install InelliJ Idea on Linux

How to Install IntelliJ IDEA on Ubuntu

If you are looking for a convenient way to manage Java applications on Ubuntu, the solution may lie in the IntelliJ IDEA development platform. An excellent advantage of this option is that it is relatively suitable for beginners, but experienced users will also find it…

Android Studio on Linux

How to Install Android Studio on Ubuntu

If you are dreaming about becoming an Android developer, one of the best apps that you can use for developing software is Android Studio. Google, who designed this operating system, made Android Studio to make developers’ life easier. Did you know that Google designed its…

Install Wordpress on Linux with Nginx

How to Install WordPress with Nginx on Ubuntu

The statistics indicate that more than three-quarters of all the websites on the internet are run by WordPress. It is the simplicity and versatility that made this CMS platform the leading one in the industry. The fact that it utilizes PHP and MySQL allows you…

Linux Chown Command

How to Use Linux Chown Command Properly

It is not easy to be a Linux newbie who tries to find their way around this amazing operating system. Fortunately, you can find many tutorials that make utilizing terminal and typing commands a piece of cake. The chown is one of those commands that…

How to Install Nodejs on Linux

How to Install Node.js on Ubuntu

Node.js is a brilliant runtime environment that serves thousands of developers to design server-side web apps. The technology has been incredibly popular during the last several years, and this quick tutorial will show you how to install Node.js on Ubuntu. The process is simple and…

How to List All Users on Linux

How to List Users in Linux Using the Terminal

Whether you have a particular reason why you need to know more about the users of your system or you are only curious, you can use a simple command to list users with registered accounts on your OS. Take a look at the easiest tutorial…

How to Install Java on Linux

How to Install the Latest Java on Ubuntu Linux

You have installed Ubuntu, but you realized you could not use its full potential without Java. That is understandable, and it is why we are investigating how to install Java on Ubuntu in this article. The important thing to mention is that the tutorial is…

Linux Shutdown Commands

All You Should Know about Linux Shutdown Commands

You can turn off your Linux system in multiple ways, but the safest one is by utilizing the shutdown command. As soon as you initiate shutting down, the system will send a message to inform other users who are logged-in, and it will prevent new…

How To Change Linux User Password

How to Change User Password on Linux

Using the command line is the quickest and easiest way to make magic happen in the world of Linux. The “passwd” utility is what gives us the opportunity to change and manage passwords for all users of your system. In this guide, we will explain…

Linux Find Command

How to Find Files in Linux Using Command Line

You know the feeling when you leave your car keys somewhere in the room, but you don’t have the slightest idea where they are? The same happens with files on a PC, except that you can use the “find” function to locate them. Let’s take…

Linux SCP Command

Examples on How to Use the scp Command in Linux

The command line in Linux is an incredibly powerful utility. You can do a wide variety of things by simply typing lines of text. In this guide, I will focus on using the scp command through examples so you can understand it easier. This will…

Best Linux Distros 2019

Which Is the Best Linux Distro to Install in 2019?

You decided to give Linux a shot, but you encountered a problem because you have no idea which Linux distro you should choose. The great thing about the Linux-based operating system is that they are (mostly) free. Additionally, the open-source factor inspired the community to…

Introduction to Linux

An Introduction to Linux and a Brief History of Its Origins

Has a friend recommended Linux to you? Or you maybe heard a lot of good things about this open-source operating system and you would like to try it? Linux is an open-source operating system that is free for download and distribution. It is a platform…

Linux Remove Files Command

How to Use the Linux Command Line to Remove Files and Folders

One of the basic commands available in the Linux command line is the one allowing you to remove files or folders easily. By using the “rm” command, you can remove any unnecessary files and folders in a matter of seconds. Keep reading to find out…

Basic Linux Commands for Beginners

Basic Linux Commands Every Beginner Should Know

You have completed the installation process, and you are ready to start using Linux. If you want the operating system to execute your requests, you need to know how to issue commands properly. Linux has become more user-friendly lately, which is why its distros have…

Ubuntu Linux as a Desktop

A Detailed Guide to Setting Up Ubuntu Linux on a Desktop

Would you like to test a Linux-based operating system? If you have an old computer to spare, or you are willing to experiment on your primary machine, you do not have to pay for premium operating systems such as Windows. In this guide, I will…

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