Author: Thomas Hyde
How to Install and Use Tmux on Linux

A Simple Guide on Using Tmux

One of the perks of having a Linux-based operating system installed is that you can take advantage of using Tmux. It is an excellent alternative for those who do not like or are tired of using GNU Screen. Tmux has the same purpose, which means…

Debian versus Ubuntu

Debian VS Ubuntu – Which One Should You Pick?

It will take a while to name all the available Linux distros out there. However, if we only stick to the most popular options with stable community support, we can narrow the choice to several operating systems. If you have never used a Linux-based system…

Top-Rated Free Steam Games for Linux

Top-Rated Free Steam Games for Linux You Should Try

The fact that you are a Linux user shouldn’t stop you from playing great games. Fortunately, the developers share the same opinion, which is why many of these fantastic titles are optimized for Linux. As the biggest gaming storefront out there, it was only natural…

How to Install Ubuntu Linux on Chromebook

How to Install Ubuntu Linux on Chromebook

If you are a fan of tech gadgets, you probably heard of Chromebook products. These portable devices are a great choice for all businessman and individual users looking for a reliable machine with a stable operating system. The interesting thing to mention is that the…

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